Cloudy Semantics

by Norm Crooks on May 29, 2011


I recently attended a seminar on cloud music services at the 2011 NARM convention.  It was a spirited roundtable discussion including representatives from many major digital music services and service providers, ably facilitated by the ever articulate Ted Cohen.   What struck me most about this discussion was the conflation of the subject matter, cloud music service software models with cloud infrastructure and platform services in general.  The recent high-profile cloud music service announcements by Google and Amazon, companies who also offer cloud infrastructure/platform services no doubt aided this category mistake.  Given the apparent confusion of many of my colleagues, I thought I’d provide some clarification of cloud terminology (and at the same time reveal my own view of the evolving cloud marketplace). [click to continue…]


Really Simple(?) Syndication

by Norm Crooks on May 1, 2011

Based on a W3C standard, RSS provides article text and associated descriptive metadata in a hierarchical and easily parsed XML format.  RSS enables the syndication of articles to applications that are able to parse and transform an RSS feed into a human readable format, either natively or through the use of an RSS reader add-on.  For example this blog’s RSS feed syndicates articles to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Joomla! and FeedBurner.  Some complexity occurs however when the content author decides that only specific article categories should be published to specific syndication channels, as is the case with this blog (see this blog’s Syndication Topology Diagram).    [click to continue…]

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April 30, 2011

Unassigned IPv4 addresses have nearly run out.  In February of this year the IANA assigned the last two available blocks of IPv4 addresses to APNIC (Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre).  The recent proliferation of IP enabled mobile devices coupled with the indiscriminate ‘sailor on shore leave’ assignment of large IP blocks to corporations in the early [...]

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151 Front Street – a telecommunications landmark

April 30, 2011

151 Front Street has a long history in the telecommunications industry.  Originally constructed in 1954 it was home to the first Canadian telegraph company.  This company, verbosely but accurately named The Toronto, Hamilton, and Niagara Electro-Magnetic Telegraph Company, carried the first telegraph message in Canada sent by the mayor of Toronto to his counterpart in [...]

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April 30, 2011 has revamped our website to provide updated information on our services. Like many of our clients we chose to leverage the Joomla 1.5 content management system to backend our site.  Joomla offers integrated blogging, social media integration and a variety of plugins and templates to make site management a breeze (let us know if you’re [...]

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